My Experiment With Online Dating

Since I have no intention of going to the night clubs often anymore, I thought I'd experiment with online dating. Just know that you shouldn't expect too many more posts regarding it, as I expect to be in a relationship soon.

As of right now, there are two women that I've been trading messages with. Both are attractive (8's, 9's, &10's) and I don't even bother with women that I find to be unattractive (anything below an 8). The online dating world is great for filtering through women and not just shooting in the dark. Anyhow, here are a few discoveries/pointers:

Stand Out At All Costs

While browsing profiles, the number one complaint among women, are men who lack originality. In other words, they all have the same typical profiles, and send the same typical messages. If anything, you will get noticed just for being different. The attractive women get 100's of messages on a weekly basis, so you should stand out at all costs.

Start With A Free Dating Site

If you go to a pay site and you exhaust the attractive women in your local area while experimenting, you'll have no one to contact once you get the mechanics down and learn how to put up a solid profile, with solid pictures, and send solid messages.

Be Your Best Self

In other words, you need a system to perfect. Choose your best social attribute, and focus on that. For instance, I'm a funny guy, so I write my messages, and wrote my profile to reflect that strength. Can I be romantic? Yes, but it's all about consistency and perfection. If you're an intellectual, then consistently be intellectual, if you're poetic, then consistently be poetic. Either way, just be your best self.

Only Contact Women That Reflect Your Best Self

This will save you a lot of time. If I can see that a girl's profile has all of this philosophical mumbo jumbo, I'm not going to waste my time on sending her a message. However, if a girl's profile is injected with smartassey sarcasm, then I know that she is the girl to contact because she is the most likely to respond to my witty humor when I send her a message.

Older Women Are Lonely

These girls never get contacted. I don't bother with anyone older than 29, but from looking at the statistics of women who don't receive messages often, it's usually the older group. If you're just looking to get laid, then that's something that you might keep in mind.

Black Guys Are A Specialty

In other words, if she wants a black guy, then she wants a black guy. And there's no changing her mind. The same goes for those that only want white guys. I read a girl's profile where she said she only wanted black men, and a lot of white guys gave her shit because of it.

Older women will date black guys because they're pretty much open to anything. City girls will date black guys because they're use to being around men of different cultures. However, your typical suburban girl that's looking for a serious relationship, probably won't consider a black man.

Nothing against suburban girls, it's just that they aren't use to the idea. It usually takes awhile to convert these girls and get them use to the idea, and the online dating realm isn't the place this is going to happen.

What am I getting at? You really can't tell where a girl is from or if she dates black men or not, so really, you just gotta play by the numbers. Chances are, if you're a good looking black guy, and they want a black man, they're going to at least respond to your message to see what you're about.

Here's a tip: The more creative she seems to be, the more likely she's going to be open to dating outside of her usual boundaries.

Pay Attention To Who's Viewing You

Some websites have the feature of allowing you to see who has viewed your profile. These women were at least interested enough in your picture/headline to click on your profile and find out more. Just because they don't send you a message, doesn't mean that they don't want to talk to you or didn't like your profile. Women are use to men taking the initiative, and in fact, one of the girls I'm talking to did what I just mentioned without sending a message. I sent her a message, and now we're trading messages.

Show What You're About

Notice in my profile that I didn't say I was funny? Also notice that I didn't say I was social or liked by women? That's because my pictures show that I am social and that women like being around me. Also, my profile IS funny, so I don't have to tell them that I'm funny. And by the way, watch your spelling, because it shows how educated you are, or at least in theory. Either way, it's a biggie.

Only Concentrate On Women With Detailed Profiles

And what I mean by this, is don't waste your time on women who say nothing in their profiles. They are either attention whores, or they have a laundry list. About the laundry list? How are you going to construct a creative message if they don't show any personality in their profile? They're not giving you much to go off of.

My One Text Policy?

Same goes here. While viewing profiles, I noticed a few women complaining about men sending them multiple messages. So my one text policy also applies here. Only send one message for each time she contacts you. Of course this isn't a rule, it's more like a guideline. For instance, if we planned to meet up and I forgot to include/ask for vital info.

Successful First Message Example

Subject:( )( ) ---Booty Call***

I hear you was looking for a booty call. I tried to find your number in the phone book, but I didn't see no (screen name removed)'s. They must have spelled your name wrong or sumthin'. Anyways, since I couldn't find your name, I thought I'd message you. And if you don't respond, does that mean that you're obviously interested, just playing hard to get, and that I should continue to message you anyway?

-Todd with two d's

You have enough info to get started. Have fun and be creative.

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