I'm Not Ready For Comittment

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I was doing the online thing, and realized that I'm not quite ready to be with just one girl. As some women have pointed out, I come off as VERY playerish and not serious about settling down (And BTW, I am still corresponding with at least 6 different women). That, and I love playing the field too much. So, what can you expect in 2009?

First, you can expect the return of the stories. Next, not only am I bringing back the labret, but I'll be adding on a few other accessories as well. Some of you know that I spent most of the recent months being very clean cut, formally dressed, and nice to reflect my nice guy image.

Well, guess what? Here comes the bad guy again. I'm growing my hair back, both on my face, and on my head. Going for a 1-2 day stubble look. My clothes? Haven't been shopping in six months, but I'm going for nothing but a t-shirt and jeans wardrobe. Mostly all black. Why? Because I look good in it.

You can also expect the return of the non-apologetic asshole. In the time leading up to summer, I'll be working on my new look to reflect that image. And I'll also be working on getting that rock hard body I once had last summer; maybe put on a few pounds as well. The ass is back. When you're trying to reach the top, you gotta travel light.

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